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    Just checking in...

    I very rarely swing by here anymore. And by the looks of it this place has nearly died since its peak 7-10 years ago.

    After 12 years of flying hornets I'm now flying 737s for a major US carrier. I was sad to hang up my hornet spurs, but it is nice to be back in the US and with a very well regarded company.

    I hope you all are doing well and take care.


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    Yup, the forums seem almost dead. I think the crap new-look 'update' has been the nail in the coffin. Truth is, there are probably too many IL-2 forums to be practical now, and since Ubisoft doesn't seem to care about this one, most of the interesting stuff has moved elsewhere: The banana forum, M4T, SimHQ, the SAS forum etc. Though the sim itself undoubtedly has a few more years of life in it, we aren't going to be attracting newcomers at the rate we were, so there is less need to help the noobs out. Maybe we should call it a day, archive the forum, and replace it with a set of links to forums actually providing a useful level of support. Sad, but probably inevitable at some point.

    To be positive about it though, the CloD section of the banana forums is busy, if rather bad-tempered, and the RoF forum is very active too - and many of the old hands from here can be found there instead. And on the RoF servers too - if you've not tried it yet, why not swap the boring aluminium tube for a real pilot's plane: one that has castor oil to throw in your face, gyroscopic forces to make turning left 90 degrees more of an effort than turning right 270 degrees, and an audio-feedback airspeed indicator:

    Got to be more fun than flying self-loading freight...

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    It's nice to hear that your back in the states.
    This forum is definitely not what it once was and has been brought up quite a few times in the past.
    I loved it when I could ask a question here and have it answered almost immediately.
    Maybe someday there will be another great forum for Il2 where everyone seems to go.

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    Yup, snoresville here. I check in to see this place on occasion, but not much more then tumbleweeds.

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    I didn't think I'd log in again on this crappy forum, but you made me do it!

    Sorry to hear about you quitting on the Hornets (for some shady machine called SLUF or "Bobby" - ewwww!) - make sure you bring some earplugs to work, some pilots I know almost mistook their job for being a DJ, given the ****pit-noise on this thing!

    Take care and best whishes!

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    Hey Huggy ... good to see you .. This forum is kinda dead... the new decor only hastened it's demise... but the sim is still doing.. not like it was in the old days .. but it is still a pretty good piece of kit.. at least to me.

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    Great to hear from you, I'm sure your passengers will appreciate your abilities, such as to using 1/3 the runway that the other pilots do, wingtip formations with other 737s and the occasional snap roll...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cajun76 View Post
    Great to hear from you, I'm sure your passengers will appreciate your abilities, such as to using 1/3 the runway that the other pilots do, wingtip formations with other 737s and the occasional snap roll...
    Though the afterburner on a 737 has much less punch and you are landing from a viewpoint equivalent to looking out the 2nd story window of an office building

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    Sad to hear you're now strictly sub-sonic and the days of G & T at the British Embassy are long gone, on the other hand nice to hear from you and that you're gainfully employed at the pointy end of a winged thing. Next time I'm being bussed about by a major US carrier I'll ruminate that you might be in the front row, left seat.

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    Nah, Huggy has grown a (white!) beard and is standing in-between and behind those two steering-monkeys and yells "YARRRRR, Rudder Port, NOW!!"

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