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    lab frozen

    I haven't played for a while so if something's changed and this isn't a bug, my apologies. But I cannot process more than one piece of evidence at a time, even though it would require a different workstation in the lab. Is this the way things work now or is there a problem?

    Thank you.

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    Never mind, appears to be working now. Cheers!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JMitt View Post
    Never mind, appears to be working now. Cheers!
    We're glad to hear that !

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    I have gotten to level 2 where it says you've been promoted, then the starter pack for the game pops up and I can't exit out. Its like the game sticks there. I have reloaded 4 times and still get the same problem. You shouldn't be forced to buy something you don't want at this time. I just started playing the game and would like to progress further than level 2. When I reload I have to start all over again.

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    Hello Lynn3_tall77,

    You may want to try these simple steps:

    - Clear your browser's cache and cookies
    - Make sure your browser version is up to date
    - Make sure your Adobe Flash Player is up to date (
    - Make sure Java is up to date (
    - Try playing with a different browser (We recommend Google Chrome and Firefox for playing our facebook games as Internet Explorer may have some compatibility issues)

    If the issue persists, you can contact our customer support here:,2500

    Thank you and good luck!

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    I have the updated version of adobe and java script. I have also deleted cookies and caches and still the game freezes after level 1. It tells me that I have been promoted and then stops, can't do anything. I have been to the support site and I didn't see anywhere to post a feed in letting them know. CSI:Miami plays just fine. I use google chrome to play all my facebook games anyway, it works better.
    BEING STUCK- lynn

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    Hello Lynn,

    We have reported the issue to our developer team and they're investigating it.

    Also, when you visit the customer support page here,2500 you must click on the "ASK A QUESTION" tab. Then select "Facebook / Web games" then re-click the same drop-down menu and select "CSI: Crime city

    Thanks for your patience and understanding!
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