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    Activation Anno 2070

    I was wondering how long it takes on Uplay before they activate a purchased game? Last night i bought the download version of Anno 2070 and altho my money is transferred according to my bank (online banking) i still havent recieved an e-mail or any option the download the game. I find this very strange because when i purchase a game on Steam or Origin i can download and play the game instantly after payment. does anybody have an answer on this subject??

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    Hi there,

    You should check with the online store, where your download and key are.

    You would normally get a link and a key to use the game, if you purchased from the online ubishop, you can also check on your account for these.

    But if not, I suggest you contact the stores support.

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    Well this is very stange, didnt receive any links or keys. My purchase isnt even in my account overview, i guess support is the only option left for me...This was my first and LAST purchase on Uplay because its just plain silly i pay for something and dont even get a notification mail from Uplay's side. When i purchase games on Origin or Steam i get atleast an e-mail from their side with confirmation about the product(s) i purchased. 24-48 hours waiting for a stupid reply from costumers support, 3 cheers for Uplay!!!

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    Hello, I bought the game anno 2070, registered at Ubisoft. After starting the game requires the activation key and I do not! Do not know where to get?
    Thank you for your answer

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    I'm thoroughly god ****ed annoyed by this. I have a serial number and have to log into my account and still required to enter a ****ing activation key??! Where the hell is it then? Come on Ubi-Soft, give me a ****ed break...

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    I purchased the download and had the same issue. My confirmation email said my serial number was 3. Didn't work. I called customer support and they emailed me a serial number. It didn't work either. Called them back and the representative I spoke with the second time said he didn't have authorization to email me a correct serial number and that he would have to notify someone above him to send it to me. Still haven't heard anything back from them. Guess I'll just have to wait for my hardcopy to get ere in 10-14 business days.

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    same thing over here, i bought the game and i got the serial number on my confirmation email but when i try to activate it gives error 2001 incorrect serial number, i would like to play the game that i paied

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    same thing here. any one know the Phone # for ubisoft i need to call them two. ok so i called tek support. lol not open on Sat. this is bull **** i paid for a game an cant get the down load. You ppl might make good game... u need to work on distribution. 53$ is an average price but when some one pays that 53$ they expect the product right then when its offed as a Download. NOT OPEN ON SATURDAY ARE U KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!
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    Try This

    I bought the game online from Amazon and had to download the whole thing, no problem. Where to find the Serial Number was quite challenging, especially for someone not too strong with computers. This "activation" key that I need next seemed to work when i put in the serial number that Amazon gave me, then we continued on with more patching and creating a profile.... Hope this helps some of you!!!

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    48 hours my foot

    This bloody awful uplay. I have been waiting for more than 4 days now to hear from the tech support division. What the hell are you people playing at?
    I have a CD key that i've activated, however its locked to a certain email account. I have provided every detail they asked for from proof of purchase, a photo of the cd Key and hard copy of the game itself.
    48 hours to respond my foot. pull your finger out uplay, this is disgraceful.
    I've seen alot of people have also noted you are incapable of responding to tech support.
    If you cant deal with that end maybe you shouldn't be in the business of making and supplying games.

    A very disgruntled customer.

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