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    Tunngle program

    there are players in GM_website who informed me that they have downloaded Tungle .

    they let me know this ...
    ( Tunngle is a "software" that you can play with SH3 in lan )

    I downloaded this program but nothing happens .
    i go to Sh-3 LAN , nothing happens .

    the best thing i can do is wait when multiplayer is open .
    greatings deepsharks

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    today 29 m arch 2012 / 21 H 40

    tunngle is overloaded with sh-3 players !
    many players do not know how to use tunngle .
    I can not just count the players in tunngle.
    I could take a screenshot of tunngle you can see how many players buy sh-3 .
    I think I am a star, everybody misses my server OMG
    jesus christ .

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