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    Where is the video with the hostage extraction mission with all the civillians and the helicopters that get taken down my the fuel air bomb at the end?

    I found it:
    E3 gameplay demo of the hostage location/extraction that goes wrong in the end. Let me know if you have it and I just didn't see it.
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    That demo was awesome i have seen it back in jun but just watching the video again gets me more pumped up.

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    Yeah that demo was great. I just put it on the list. If ya find any other links let me know.

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    I had came across this video.

    It was a nice interview and abit of explaination of some things. That last drone video took some of my confidence away but like I said in other threads, that there is a alot going for this game. I just wish they had hardcore mode. This video does I think help with the hype it just seems like these sorts of interviews never really displayed or done. If Ubi had more ghost minutes when we wre asking for it would help. If they had the behind the scenes of GRFS similar to one they had for GRAW2.

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    E3 demo with Action Play Style:


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    If you want to know what happend at the end, this video might help you

    Anyway, does anyone know will final game have the mission from 1st GRFS demo:
    I really want to see the big drone and old camouflages look great, just as rocket launcher from the back.

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    Just added those links. and NightGhost I don't think the first mission will be back.. and if it is it will not have the big drone or the launcher on the back.

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    Too bad. Those animations were amazing. I hope they will keep those in the game and current animations aren't so bad either.

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    i think the animations are still great... haven't really seen a 3rd person game that really comes close to the animation GRFS is bringing to the table.

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    Just watched a video on inside-xbox just a mix of videos I've seen before with a guys talking over the top. its a good vid and can see a lot of new people checking it out after they watched it.

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