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    Post POP TFS glitch on PC

    Hi i just started playing last week Prince of Persia the Forgotten sands and i am getting a glitch when activating the stone armor. Can someone help me resolve this please? I have the Steam version and i am playing on this system
    Windows 7
    Intel i-7 2600k oced to 3.9 GHz
    Nvidia GTX 590 not oced with latest driver
    resolution 1920x1080 @60 Hz

    Please help! Thanks in advance
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    can anyone help please?
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    I've had graphical bugs with the 295.73 whql driver, now there's a new one, 296.10, after I intalled that everything went back to normal, you should see if it helps. If not try rolling back gpu drivers.
    PoP Classic and PoP 2008 Epilogue for the PC, Ubi?
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