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    Cannot finish case 11-01: "The truth is out there"

    Hey there!
    I'm having a problem with case 11-01: "The truth is out there":
    I've finished the first crime scene (Mt. Charleston Field) to 100%, found all evidence and investigated it at the lab but then nothing happened.
    I cannot go on with the case, the "new" writing over the case folder does not appear.
    Can anyone help me? Am I missing something?

    Edit: I've forgot to mention: I've already tried to get it working again by emptying my cache, using another browser etc.... nothing helped.
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    I'm also having problems on this case 11-01 "The truth is out there" Casino Penthouse Suite... It say's only 91% complete but there are no more tile I can click & only one out of three evidence complete so I'm unable to move on.. there is a row of black tiles under the bed but it will not allow me to click on the tiles... I'M VERY ANGRY WITH THIS AS I CAN'T COMPLETE SO CAN'T START CASE 12 ...PLEASE CAN ANYONE HELP ME OUT WITH THIS?????????????????????????????????????????

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    Thanks for reporting this issue. Please contact our customer support here so they can take a closer look at your accounts specifically:,2246 (click "Ask a question" and then select "Facebook / Webgames > CSI Crime city")

    Thank you and good luck!

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