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    Yes you can touch it, you just can't go inside it. It's July 21 on Guam right now "LIBERATION DAY" Gives you a whole different perspective on Freedom when you have lived somewhere that was occupied, the 4th of July is celebrated but Liberation Day is the bigger event.


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    Well, one week ago on Wednesday, when I took Wolfie to the Vet for neutering, he weighed 52-lbs. Just this past Wednesday, when I took him back to get his stitches removed, he weighed 55-lbs. I figure today, since he seems to be gaining about 3 pounds per week, he weights 56 or 57 pounds.

    So here he is at 6 months old; 56 pounds of Whup-@ss:

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    Here is a picture of the fall colors from my house, here in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan last Friday. Lake Michigan is in the back ground on this cloudy day.

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