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    Bring back project legacy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    With the upcoming realese of AC3, we should get the much anticipated DDS2.0 and other stories and options for this long neglected but fan appreciated game. We deserve this as fans of PL and it will give the devs another outlet for game related content. BRING BACK PROJECT LEGACY UBISOFT!

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    I agree, I love Project Legacy. Please bring it back Ubi!
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    my name to the list

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    well said everyone

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    +1 for PL. Assassin's Creed is so far the best series of games I've played with during my 10 years of active gaming. Every part of it deserves to be supported, even if it's "just" a facebook app.

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    for god's sake, yes bring this **** game back, i f'ing love it

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    Agreed...its the only game on FB that i play

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    This, +1, or whatever other way of expressing agreement is currently fashionable ;-).
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    This is a must! Especially since they have to fix up the Evangelist Achievement! Therefore, I agree.

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    I really liked the brotherhood story taking place in both games, and project legacy was adding important details to the game, i agree with you.

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