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    Memory leaks and slow gameplay after an hour

    Hi! I've been a long term Ubisoft customer but I haven't posted on the forums or bought a game by Ubisoft in about 2 years or so, and my last purchase was Driver San Francisco. This game is great, I love it, it's fun, I like the story, a bit cheesy sometimes like the voice acting, especially at the beginning of the game, but nowhere as cheesy as Test Drive Unlimited 2.. Oh boy I felt like I was being treated like a 7 year old...

    Let's get down to business. After about an hour of gameplay on Driver San Francisco, I notice my frames per second dropping and the game gets really sluggish, and after you reach this point, there is graphics corruption and cars and roads being stretched and distorted all across the screen. Eventually I just need to stop the game and exit, and then relaunch the game again. Is this a known problem? My PC can play many games on the highest settings and I have yet to see my PC not handle something this bad, until I played Driver San Francisco. Battlefield 3, Modern Warfare 3, SHIFT 2, NFS THE RUN, NFS HP, DiRT 2 and 3, F1 2010 and 2011, it's all fine and I notice no graphics corruption or anything.

    Does anything ever get freed or does the game just try and take over the system and not give / free anything back to the system? Is it just me, or is this an actual bug noticed by many gamers?

    When I first play the game, my FPS are great and everything looks nice so it isn't slow hardware. No graphics corruption, nothing. Give it an hour or two and it's just painful to play.. Sometimes I see traffic and roads all scattered across the screen that I can't even see where I'm going..

    Edit: Might I just add I'm using the latest 1.4 patch. 1.4.111 or something?
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    Edit: bumping this thread because I've waited over 2 weeks and now the game won't start

    I reinstall Windows 7 x64 and now the game won't even start. Latest patch applied, reinstalled the game multiple times (probably like 15 or 20 times today) and still doesn't launch.

    I click driver.exe and it loads for about 2 or 3 seconds, then crashes, the process terminates in the task manager almost instantly and not a single error is given. No warnings, no nothing. This game is junk. First the terrible, terrible memory leaks and the game literally takes over my entire system, practically hijacks it until I close the game and re-launch it again, and now it won't even start after reinstalling Windows.

    This game is one of those stubs, and there's a whole lot of them out there. A game releases, it's buggy, it gets left that way, and onto a new title. SIMBIN titles are a good example of what ISN'T a stub. Race 07 was built upon for many years with several new expansion packs, new patches almost constantly, and it's been active in the development process since the Race 07 series started. NHL 09 is a perfect example of a stub, and so is Driver San Fran now. I've had nothing but problems with this title, and also a massive steering deadzone in the center, not as bad as NFS THE RUN, but still bad. NFS THE RUN is going to turn into another stub pretty soon too. All these games get started up, they have problems, and nothing changes. Maybe a few useless patches, that's about it. Performance issues were supposed to be fixed in one of the previous patches, obviously not, and my system can handle everything I play on it, with graphics much more intense that Driver San Fran's, and without any issue at all.

    Memory leaks and extreme resource hog -> Reinstall windows -> game doesn't start, yet every other game on here at least LAUNCHES.

    Driver: SF is officially useless. You know, minus the performance impact over time, I love this game, but as always with stubs like these, it's bugs like the ones I'm experiencing that completely kill the game. If this game would at least START, I'd be happy, seriously. I miss this game.
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