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    upgraded one of my meds and my MRI machine this morning. Now they are both showing 700+ hours for upgrade. When I did the math that equals to just over 29 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dont have the time to wait THAT LONG for a game to work like it should

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    I can't treat any of my patients in the blood lab, and I treated about 6 or 7 pharmacy patients and didn't get the supplies.
    Not happy.

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    Consider yourself luck Marshmellow... I can't even use my Blood Lab because there's a guy sitting in the chair and I can't do anything with him. When I click him, nothing happens. Grrrrr....

    ROLE BACK UPDATE! It's broke!

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    That's exactly the problem I'm having with my blood lab. I'm also having problems with my pharmacy patients as well.

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    Hi, I cannot fix the patient at the blood work machine. When I click on the patient, the screen moves a little and that's all. The game of the machine does not start. I cannot take another patient to the blood work machine because there is this other patient, I cannot fix. I cannot proceed with the game like this. Can you recommend any solution for this? Thank you.

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    i'm also having problems with a patient stuck in the chair for the blood analysis lab

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    We should be introducing a fix shortly that should address the blood lab issue. Note that there are a whole bunch of threads on the same issue, so we are very aware of the problem. Thank you for your patience.

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    fix that bug.i have done lots of toiletpaper but not found...

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    If this is an ongoing problem you may always contact support. Information on how to do so is at this link: . Thank you for playing.

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    my wait for my blood machine upgrade was 2400 hours. Still waiting- it's now down to about 1200... today I just checked in to see if the bug was fixed , but it is not. (I reported it in every possible forum, including that official bug report)

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