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    [VIDEO] Building the AC universe and historical accuracy in AC3

    Two fresh videos from GameInformer.



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    Senior Member kriegerdesgottes's Avatar
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    I love these interviews. I can watch them over and over.

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    That was a great interview. Just gets me that more excited for the game.

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    it does give me a bit more confidence about the game.

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    Lol the WWII thread got mentioned

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    Senior Member rileypoole1234's Avatar
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    So Coery May has a very specific way to get to Feudal Japan... Seems like he really wants it.

    Anyway, I do love these interviews. I love seeing that the makers of AC really do love these games as much as we do. They seem like great guys.

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    These videos are awesome but I get the feeling that corey may isn't all too excited about the amount of creative control he has over the story. Some of his comments and Alex's comments make me kind of nervous about gameplay/narrative. Hopefully Im just being paranoid, but when Corey actually started saying what he wanted to alex and the brand manager made some strange faces. But well see

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    **** it why're all videos in Game Informer this time? Those never work right for me.

    Wait... One is in Youtube? Whoopeeeee!!!!

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    At one point, Corey May expressed his feeling of making an AC game which there are like several Assassins with several Places all in the same game. But due to restricted technologies, it's too epic to be done. Maybe one day?. I kinda like that.

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    I think in a generation or two they could pull it off.

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