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    (SPOILERS) Your Opinion On The Ending?

    So, once again I'll note, MAJOR SPOILERS.

    With that out the way, how does everyone else feel about it? I loved the game. Everything from the graphics, the gameplay, and initially the story.. But the ending seemed so bad to me. It came out of nowhere, I felt like there was so much more to be explained. I'm not sure how some people might of perceived it, but I'm pretty sure the ending we got hints at Adam's death, especially after the start. Considering he notes that Henry still needs his help, plus we never know what actually happened to Adam, I'm really hoping for some DLC or a sequel. It just really disappointed me after going through all that.

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    I'm really hoping they decide to follow this up with DLC. It would be such a shame if they didn't, this has the potential to be a very unique and special IP.

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    Seemed as though the game development came to a halt and they had to come up with a quick ending that sort of wrapped things up fast. I could still see some DLC continuing the story but I am not banking on it. I did really enjoy the game, now I have to go back and play through on Survivor mode but I know it's going to be a *****. I thought it was hard to get through on normal difficulty i can just imagine playing through with no retries.

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    What happened to the old version?, i guess they cut this down to bits and made it an arcade game. It's very very good but extremely short, if it was 4x the length it'd be much funner.

    Oh well, i knew from the start that it is his wife watching the camera it was obvious they could've thought of something better.

    Hope the death is explained then.

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    I don't think he's dead. His gear is with his wife because he had to quickly go and rescue his kid from something. Our boy won't go out that easy.

    Really enjoyed the game and thought the ending was cool. A small bit of success and hope and then manning up and not bailing out on Henry or his family. Dude's inspirational.

    This is probably the first linear game that never bothered me because of being linear. Very good, and really a great new approach to story telling and gameplay, very mature.

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    It seems like it's implied that he died. If I remember right, his wife's hair is dark whereas the woman who finds his gear is blonde?

    Regardless, loved the game. Love the concept and especially the setting. Post-apocalypse is such a great concept.

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    ubisoft, please, don't ruin my favorite games like bioware. Make a good ending.

    with love: a Fan

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    whats the prob. with the games today?! why we can't see what truly happens or a true closure?

    Why the hero have to die? todays it's so cliche to kill the hero or make an ending that you need "to think". I'm used to be pissed with this attitude.... but today I Am Sad.......

    The truth is, i don't care about graphics with games like I Am Alive, it's the last thing i note, what i really try to find it's a good plot, with a true history, with a beginning a good middle story and an end worth of it.

    Make a better end, please ubisoft .

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    The end fits perfectly with the ambiguity of the story. Not much background on the protagonist, no firm answers on the cause of the disaster, scraps of info throughout the game and almost a deviation from the original objective. I think the ending was appropriate, and all the better for not actually being an 'end' so much as a glimpse at a future way point, that may allow for more to come.

    If we are to infer that he died, which is as likely as anything else, then I applaud Ubi's resolve in sticking to the realistic approach to a post apocalyptic existence.

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    i think since its a post apocoliptic game they ment to say at the end no one lives. and im relly mad they didnt finish there game and i hope they make more and say hey he dose live why do u think its called i am alive and we will all rejoice. but i would relly like to know why they slashed the game because it cant be they ran out of money or they didnt think it woud be good there has to be a much deeper reason

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