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    Quote Originally Posted by eagleforlife1 View Post
    The game finishes in 1783 and Washington died of fever in 1799.
    That's why i named it Nothing is True... we think GW died in 1799 but it could be a double that died at that year, maybe a double working for assassins? :PPP and because we thought british were the bad ones and after we win the war of independence we find out that GW is the really bad one.

    Just speculating... i don't believe it's just about killing all the templars we know, there must be some kind of spin-off as there was at AcR

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    Quote Originally Posted by sackboy411 View Post
    Way too early for that
    Aww c'mon! Why not?

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    Aint' no mountain high enough - Climb a mountain

    Aint' no valley wide enough - Traverse the full length of a valley

    To keep me from getting to you babe - ​Save Connors childhood sweetheart from colonists

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    Fly like an eagle - Perform your first Leap of Faith
    Those who came after - Save the Earth and the human race
    Cowabunga - Assassinate ... guards from a tree
    Peek-a-boo - Assassinate ... guards from a hiding spot
    Master Hunter - Kill a bear with 1 hit

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    oooh I wanna play!
    -Hungry like the wolf: obtain a perfect hunt on a Wolf
    -Tree Hugger:stay perched on tree for at least a minute
    -Give me liberty or give me death!: Kill or takedown(fists) 15 soldiers while only having 1 health square/bar
    -Magua's Scalp: (If possible) Kill a soldier with headshot while throwing a tomahawk
    -Ancestors give me Strength!: Enter Animus 3.0
    -Skinwalker: (if possible) customize your attire with an animal pelt
    -Wendigo: Perform a 5 kill streak within 3 seconds
    -The Lone Wolf: Kill/takedown 20 soldiers without using The Brotherhood
    -122112: Complete the game (AC3)

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    i regret that i have but one life to give for my country. Witness the hanging of Nathan Hale

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    "Assassin in Full"--Either 100% synch or finish Desmond's main story.
    "Why Oh Why?" --Watching Connor's village being burned down/End of Sequence 1.

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    @UrDeviant1 Haha I love that! Would be brilliant, I'm also liking @SleezeRocker 's 'Tree Hugger' and 'Give me liberty, or give me death'

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    Quote Originally Posted by ultim4tesurviv4 View Post
    it's a's a plane.. It's conner- perform an air assassination from the tree
    It's Connor! With an o! Not an e!

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    Quote Originally Posted by JumpInTheFire13 View Post
    It's Connor! With an o! Not an e!
    Conner is awesome.

    Wabbit Season: Air Assassinate a Rabbit from a tree completely undetected.
    That Night In Boston Harbor: Complete Sequence 3
    Take The Ride: Complete Sequence 4
    Any person that would give up liberty... Free the captured prisoners.

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