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    I have an unused code for AC Recollection that'll grant you 5000 credits. I haven't played this game so I don't know what that means and I'm not sure if these kind of codes expire. But here it is if anyone needs it: LVT8X OKFW3 KCHBJ P77M0 HH1N6

    If someone redeems the code please post here to let everyone know that is has been used.
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    when is it coming to other phones ?
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    Not available! Checked german and US iTunes!?

    Hi there,

    right now the game AC Recollection is not available in itunes US or germany!
    Will it come back? Why was it removed?

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    I can no longer install this app on my phone, and the iTunes store says it's unavailable on the US and Canadian iTunes stores. Any idea when it will be back up?
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    Would be nice, if anyone from the Ubi-Team could say a word to the future of AC Recollection.
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