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    Using a gamepad or controller

    I have a ps3 not an xbox 360 so I picked up Conviction on PC.
    I'm not much of a fan of using the keyboard so I'm trying to get a controller working.
    I've used a ps2 controller with a pc adapter, it works and is recognised in Windows but Splinter Cell wont recognise it,
    I also tried a ps3 controller, recognised in Windows and working but again no luck.
    Am I missing something?

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    The next question then... will Splinter Cell recognise any controller or is it picky or what?
    Has anyone had any luck with a controller or not?

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    The Xbox 360 controller works, don't know about other controllers. Can you play other games with your PS-controllers?
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    yea no problems. This is the first problem I've had with a ps3 or 2 controller.
    Maybe they just don't want you to use any sony hardware at all.
    I am running it on Microsoft Windows... now do I have to buy a microsoft controller too.
    Seems wierd to me.

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    I did some looking around on google, and it seems they don't want to support the PS-controller, since the SIXAXIS isn't good enough. Though I wouldn't know why, because afaik the controllers are pretty much the same, as far as number of ****ons go. SIXAXIS even has more ****ons I believe.

    In the options menu for Splinter Cell Conviction, I seem to recall there is an option specific for the Xbox 360 controller, but not for any other controller. Is that right? If so, then it's a safe bet it's the only supported controller.

    Btw, before going out and buying an Xbox controller (if you do btw, get a wired one, those are plug and play and not that expensive), search around if there is maybe software to fool games into thinking your PS-controller is an Xbox controller. To me this seems like something that could exist.

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    Wow they must really hate sony hey?
    Thanks for the help on this.
    I'll try get a second hand corded one.

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    Its not just the PS controllers.... Be wary that if you are running a x64 Windows you might find the Key bindings are a Miss and more stuffing around is needed, So if you do getan Xbox controller you might have the same Issues, borrow a mate, or families Xbox controller first and let Microsoft install the Drivers, then give it ago if it works you are swimming

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    Hello everybody!
    My favorite game controller.Connect via USB. Emulates keyboard + mouse. Compatible with any game on PC. Excellent for shooters and spacesims. It provides the ability to program all the buttons and features, create macros. You can adjust the size of the shape of the body of the player. Resolution of 12 bit magnetic sensor. MGM - the eighth generation of game controllers.

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    I'm having a problem with the XB1 controller: buttons are messed up and sticks aren't working.

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    Just wanted to put out there that I've uncovered a workaround for the Xbox One controller on a PC issue that I was having.

    Using a controller emulator called "x360ce", you can get the settings such that it will recognize the Xbox 1 controller.

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