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    Mission 22 bug stops game before supplies reach $2000 - on PC

    Hey, I have been playing ruse for a little while now, but I recently went back to the campaign to finish it. But I am stuck at mission 22. I have been figuring out how to beat that mission, but the mission keeps ending way too early. It is supposed to end when their supplies reach $2000. But my game keeps ending before that. It seems based upon time but I didn't think there was a time limit on this map, and it says the supply line is why I failed anyways. As I got better I was able to get the supplies down. It first started stopping at 1975, so I thought it might have simply jumped to 2000 without the game registering it, but then it started stopping at 1500, 1223, and finally I've gotten it down to 900. But it still stops before I can mount any sort of siege on the objective. Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
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    I have the same problem on Xbox 360. Mission fails at 901/2000 all the time - regardless how long Ive been playing.
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    Same here on 360, I was glad to see this thread.. but not so glad that there's no answer.

    I had them down to 865 and it ended. At the 32 minute mark. Like the previous poster, it was doing this at higher numbers too.. I did not take note of the time though.
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