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    The Cover Bug

    I saw something similar to this in the known bugs thread, but I'm not sure if it's the same thing. Quite often (and it's happening more and more lately), I'll be behind cover and get shot. I've asked the people who shot me and they say that to them, I appear to be standing. One player said it was because I had a bad ping, but I don't know why latency would have anything to do with it and I haven't noticed any other latency problems (despite a poor internet connection). I have a video of it happening if that's needed.
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    Yeah that happen to me.

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    This has happend to me alot, when sniping i need my cover

    So please do look into this as i have had a few talks with 2 of my mates that playes the game about this and they could swear i was in wall cover sitting on my ass but getting shot , and when i asked they guy he said i was standing up when he shot me, and i had been sitting there for a minute or so.

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