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    Update patch 1.04 for PS3

    Can someone please confirm exactly what this updates. I know it is to update glitches in the multiplayer buit what one's, there is thousands. Do I get to play with my friends yet? Can we start forming clans again? A detailed specification of what update patch 1.04 contains would be very usefull. I thank you in advance.
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    Thanks for that. It is a shame how ever since I have downloaded it I have been unable to accept any invitations in to games!! Very annoyiong!!
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    Smoke bomb sounds like tripwire bombs now....

    You can still get stunned after you've poisoned, Ted, so they haven't fixed everything on that list. The only thing I've noticed so far is the smokebomb sound and that I dont seem to have as many pursuers in wanted.

    Oh, and there are barely any sessions at all now. It keeps searching for the same two wanted lobbies. I refuse to believe that there are only two games of wanted being played right now.
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    It must be like PC's 1.03
    You'll be unable to stun your poisoner if you run 1.04, but anybody with older patch can stun you. Thats how Ubisoft's patches work
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    ppl with patch 1.03 can't be in the same lobby as people with 1.04 on ps3 at least it wasn't letting join friends earlier
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