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    Quote Originally Posted by sasukeuchiha50 View Post
    Now, My question is will their be a hidden blade?
    Dear god, yes. -_-

    There is a hidden blade, he's an Assassin, their just putting emphasis on the dual wielding.

    This video was made using the in-game Anvil engine, so expect some AMAZING graphics.

    Ubisoft - Great job, I loved this trailer and I hope you give us an even better one at E3 this year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Assassin_M View Post
    Dafuq are you saying ?? you just confused me more...
    Is what im going to see on October the trailer ? or not ?
    It'll be somewhere in between. Rendered in-game using the engine, means that those are textures in the actual game play, but rendered at the highest possible quality. For the console versions AND the PC, it will look scaled down. It's because obviously, in game the engine has to render a larger environment as well as many other things. Even scaled down it's going to look amazing, in game rendered trailers of AC:R have nothing on this.
    If you didn't already know that i hope that helps

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    I can't say it enough, but this game looks amazing. Graphics, gameplay, everything just looks fantastic.

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    I can't wait!

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    I got back from GameStop about 3 hours ago after pre-ordering ACIII. I usually wait to pre-order close to the release date and to see what goodies or lack thereof will come in a Collector's Edition, but after watching the trailer and seeing the cool steelbook case that you get, I just had to pre-order now. Because if I didn't, they'd run out of them and would have to resort to Ebay and pay about $20 for it.

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    I lol'd at 1:14s when a soldier got shot and punched the person on his side before he falls.. xD
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    That trailer was gorgeous, even more so in 1080 HD on a large screen TV. I really like how smoothly Connor was able to jump across the trees and the combat also looks very polished. I can't wait to see some actual gameplay at E3!

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    I can't wait to see the CGI trailer. Every AC installment had one, and by far the Revelations trailer was my favorite. It was so well done. I can't wait to see how they outdo themselves this time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sasukeuchiha50 View Post
    Now, My question is will their be a hidden blade?
    1:01 on the video and look verrrry closely at Conner's right arm

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    Quote Originally Posted by GLHS View Post
    Omfg...........that's in game graphics? They're ****ing amazing! It looks like CG! I am so f*cking excited to tree jump. Connor looks like a complete badass. This is so awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But I couldn't help noticing it said Oct. 31st. Did they change the date?

    EDIT: I noticed somebody else said it was in CG. Is there any confirmation as to whether this is a CGI trailer or an in-game engine trailer?
    In-Game Engine, not a CGI trailer like ACR's E3 trailer. Although I don't know if they are playing it or not. (according to IGN)

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