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    Cannot play anno 2070

    I have downloaded Anno 2070 from steam, thinking it would be easier and fewer problems, well I was wrong!

    I click on the game icon, and it takes me to the launcher, no problems there, but when I click play, it loads the game for a second, then it stops and goes off, and takes me to the after action report. WHY?! I have uninstalled it, and dowloaded it again from steam, but still the exact same problem.

    My specs are:
    Core 2 Duo E7500
    Radeon HD 6770
    4GB DDR3 RAM

    What is the problem?

    Can anyone help please?
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    I have the same problem, I downloaded it from steam, and when pressing play, the screen flickers then loads the after game report. Then if I exit and try loading again, it wont even open.
    I did get lucky and managed to get onto the game and play it for a while. But then I turned my pc off and now it wont work again.

    That link from hypersonic4000 doesn't really seem to be relevant...

    Need help big time.
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    Are you running AVG? Your specifications sound fine. Technical support would be able to troubleshoot with you, the link is in my signature.
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