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    Laggiest night I have ever seen

    As the title says, it was the laggiest night ever tonight. We were on several matches with some friends and the lag was attrocious for everyone, in every match. It wasn't any of us responsible, most spent at least one match where they weren't in it so it couldn't have been us. Anyone else had the same problem?

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    Omg, I had the same thing happen yesterday night in a 1vs1 match with a friend. Except that I didn't experience any lag, he did for the entire match. And I'm pretty sure my connection was working fine and everything.

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    It was....I quit for the night pretty early...

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    I remember this.. it was actually funny

    Probably Ubisoft's servers were having problems.
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    NPC jumps out of the hay bale in the first one.lmao

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