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    Ubisoft servers down?

    Hey guys, i am trying to connect to Ubisoft servers (Assassins creed luncher) it says that it cannot connect.

    I have the previous days been able to connect to Uplay so i am wondering is there any offical statement about the server status or do i have some sort of problem here?

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    I'm getting same error. My recommendation...any game that ubisoft puts out their with their POS drm software, don't buy. Unfortunately, I learned this the hard way with M&M Heroes 6...

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    Mar 2012
    Same problem here. I was able to play a couple of hours ago but now, no connection.

    What's going on Ubisoft?

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    "Ubisoft Services are unavailable at the moment. Please try again later"

    Not just me then.....................

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    Same for me. Can't connect to servers and log in for AC:Brotherhood =(

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    Same issue with me and my friend. Has ubisoft posted anything official about this? Hoping it wont be down for too long.

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    Thumbs up Server down. Just bought the game!

    Wow, just bought the game and can't do anything. Class act software.

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    God**** I'm never buying another Ubisoft game. Servers down in primetime on a Friday. Totally lame.

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    Has Ubisoft put out anything on this yet, and i'm talking about whats happened today not a couple months ago. I was actually in a multiplayer game on Ghost Recon Future Soldier when all of the sudden everyone lagged out and it said can not connect to Ubisoft servers, please try again later. So whats going with this?

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    be nice if they would put out a warning telling you whats going on with all of their servers.
    I want to play future soldier but canttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt.

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