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    Novis SH5 Captain

    If I may ask who ever is reading my post's am I posting in the wrong place hence wasting every ones time if so were should I be posting as it seems a wast of my time trying to get HELP and ADVICE for a game I have NEVER played before were it seems that a lot of you have been playing this game from SH 1 or 2. So will some one be kind enough to show me the right place to seek help and advice.


    If I am in the right location why why why am I not getting any Advice or Help have I upset protocal within the Forum or broken the rules or what ?
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    H.j have you tried going over to subsims web site and asked your questions over there or looked at the forums there. Subsims is a bit more active with people that post and read post. It is my guess that a few of the things you see in videos is from mods you can add to the SH5 game.

    You can find links to Subsims by clicking on the top post in then main page of Silent Hunter 5 (Quick Start Guide for SH5) or by clicking here.

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