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    i was wandering i was sent a thing that add friend and well i tried to see if it works but this came up
    Use of app "House MD Game" has been restricted


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    Thanks for letting us know. Are you outside of the Phillipines or Australia? If so, this message will come up as the game is currently region locked to those two locations. There are plans to release the game in other areas in the near future, however.

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    when in the near future thats what others said about ncis major crimes and facebook dont have nothing on that

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    the one friend i have i cant find them to ask them for anything.... now all i need is the green cross thing. but i cant get them from anything else other then the ward. Not sure what to do.... as i am now stuck.

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    I've been playing House MD on facebook for a couple days and all of a sudden it disappeared from my apps list and when I searched for it it came up "Use of App House MD Game has been restricted". I don't understand why this would be the case since I had no previous problems.

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    I'm getting the same as A5hley88; "Use of App House MD Game has been restricted". I have been playing the game for a while now and have never had this issue...not impressed.

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    I'm having the same problem. I'm from Canada and haven't had any problems until after the maintenance work that was done today. I love the game and hope the issue is resolved soom. Thanks.

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    My game loads up, everything appears normal/fine untill i try to actually DO something, then i get 'internet connection has been lost' and no.. my internet connection is fine

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    I don't understand why Suzi is saying its region based since ive been playing for about 2 weeks now and today is the first day that i can't play... im having the same problem as the folks above with the 'Use of app "House MD Game" has been restricted'... when it does actually load i get the internet connection lost message as well
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    Now I have the same issue. The restriction error is gone, but when it loads up, I also get the connection lost error. This is frustrating.

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