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    MOH: Warfighters might contend with R6P

    Well I just read the scans of MOH: Warfighters from the next OXM issue and found a couple of things interesting from the read:
    • Warfighters will, like Patriots, have some moral decisions in the campaign (but to be fair, it doesn't sound like Warfighters will emphasize them as much as R6P). The campaign itself will also follow the emotional hardships and self-conflict that real operators face.
    • The article stated that players will be able to make tactical decisions in hostage situations such as where to breach and whether to grenade or flashbang rooms.
    • The developer stated that the team will be trying to keep harcore players happy with all new hardcore modes.
    So, anyone have any opinions on this game and whether it might be a competitor for Patriots?
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    Eh, EA did good on BF3 but the whole feeling I think Ubi is going for with Patriots has me thinking it'll be the better of the two. Hopefully though MoH won't be so linear...
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    Well we haven't seen any "real" footage of either game so maybe you still might change perspectives once it all starts rolling.
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    Can't really say I'm interested at this point in either game. There's simply not enough known on either to make a decision.
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