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    same problem. hurry to fix up servers, dear ubis, plz
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    i have same problem! how do you resolved it?
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    In settings set offline mode off.
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    same problem's not only that I can't play ACR Multiplayer..I can't even play offline! do something please
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    This is crazy-I see tons of people having the same issues? But no answers. I am having the same issue and it would be greatly appreciated, if someone could reply with an answer. Just sucks to have paid for the game, took all the time to download. Took all the time to get an account. And then tried all night log to trouble shoot the issue. So much time wasted???? All I want to do is play This game. Please can anybody post a fix. If I find a fix, I will repost my fix. Come on guys-There has to be a simple solution??? I just can not figure it out.
    (You need log in online at least once before playing offline. if you looged in on before check your username \ password) ----I have logged on online-but can't find a way to play---over and over again????????????HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I am getting the same error message that everybody else is on login. "You need to log in at least once before playing offline. If you have logged in on this computer before, check your username/password." I've tried changing to settings to turn offline mode off. Doesn't work. This is really stupid. How do I resolve this?
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    ok i have waited a lot.. i bought using my steam wallet.. and its been over a month since i added the cash to the wallet and the game still wont login.. i can login throught my ps3 on driver san Francisco
    but not on ac:r on steam...

    really looking for a solution
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    How should I do
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    If you have log in issues, please contact Ubisoft support - links are in my signature.
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    cant login for first time

    this is useless just bought it and it doesnt work, good job ubisoft
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