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    Assassin's Creed Revelations doesn't start


    after I launched the ubisoft game launcher, and I hit play
    the game does not start and this screen remains...

    can someone help me? tnx

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    yo i mite be able to help u but cud u translate the error message on the screen shot
    cuz i cant read that language

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    Game is started.
    Cant read it, but looks like normal msg if you press start.

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    Game is started.
    don't shut down the launcher while game has been started

    tnx for thanks for reply
    and no, I can not press start.
    the game is started, but is not on the screen

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    hmm not sure about this one contact a moderator or look on ubisoft support

    good luck finding an answer

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    Assassin's creed revelations freezes before starting

    i just bought the game 2 days ago and installed it and everything went well but then when i press start doesnt matter which icon multiplayer or singleplayer , when i press start black screen appears as if the game will start then nothing happens it stays like tht . And after a while it tells me its not responding . can someone please help with this ? thnx hope someone provides me with a solution

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