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    @ All Ubisoft guys out there... - What about giving out the full editor for Far Cry 2. Please, revive the game, revive the interest! Dunia has potential, let it be unleashed.

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    Passing ammo to friends?

    My question is simple: will i be able to give my fellow team mate ammo when he runs out?
    (This i ask for multiplayer or / and coop games)

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    Multiplayer shooters usually manifest in one of two directions in regards to player confrontation strategies.

    Some games decrease weapon damage or increase player health to prolong player interactions. Sometimes by offering guns with low damage rates, or higher player life, or shields so that players can react jump duck move around and otherwise dance with each other while playing. Most Halos take this approach.

    Some games increase damage or lower life to end conflicts quickly. I suspect it is often done to reduce feelings of loss from a close battle and improve player perceived fairness. Modern Warfare takes this approach
    Which side does FarCry side on for confrontation length between opposing players?

    Will Team Flags and Propaganda update dynamically to accommodate customized colors chosen by Faction Leaders (Captains) for Multiplayer?

    Some games allow players to pick and chose their class, colors, and equipment through limited configuration branches. FC2 does this with its class systems

    Other games allow similar weapon sets and boost abilities to be applied without discrimination on any player configuration. FC1 did this with its character editor.
    What is FC3s stance on upgrades for weaponry and camouflage configurations and will it be bound to the characters look?

    Both FC1 and FC2 largely lacked an extended community layer of player made levels because of the constraints of a gamemode system.
    Will there be Missionized or rolling Gamemodes for Players hosting Multiplayer play lists so that they may forge their own 'questlines'?

    Will 'rematch' restart the Multiplayer game with the same players on the same location with minimal loss of player connection?
    (It is currently a lobby killer vote)

    Will the player be able to play as a woman?
    Will the player be able to play as a character that is not Caucasian?

    Will Career Stats Tracking include Player Made Maps?

    In FC1 players could interrupt any action, ziplines, ladder climbing. ammo pickup, healing, and reload actions could also be interrupted so the player could react to aggressors in a pinch.
    In FC2 the player enters canned animations for certain actions and is unable to interrupt those actions if/when something dangerous goes down. Helping someone up, getting ammo, healing and ladders are all risky behaviors as a result.
    Will players be able to interrupt quicktime actions?
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    Timothy, As Ubisoft have aquired a chunk of the film-making industry - can you comment on the 'possibility' of another FAR CRY movie?

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    Champ..... good post buddy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iglo92 View Post
    Will we be able to defeat sharks under water with our bare knuckles?
    Forget my last 2 questions, I'll anti up on this one!

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    I've played all the Far Cry games on all the platforms (If you call me a fanatic or a maniac I'll take it as a compliment with this game ) And I have a couple of questions.
    1. How will the multiplayer be? I loved the multiplayer on the last games, but I wonder since Far Cry is so unqiue, if this will have it's own style.
    2. Will there be a beta/demo? I can't wait to even get a crack at the game.
    3. Will the enemies react to the environment around them? For example the time, preparing supplies, going on a daily routine.
    4.Once you've beat the main story line, can you go back to doing side quests or simply exploring? This was not the case with Far Cry 2, as you died in the end.
    5. Are the enemy AI fine tuned? In Far Cry 2 it took a guy about 5 shots to the head to go down.
    6. Will enemies appear randomly, popping out behind you when you don't even notice?
    7. Will your choices make an impact on the world, like if you take an enemy camp down, will Vaas begin to worry and start rebuilding?
    8. Any dlc?
    I know it's a lot, but I honestly can't stop wondering about Far Cry 3. Cant wait for September 4th

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    Hello fellow Far Cry 3 fans. I put together my own little fan made trailer. Check out the link if interested. Thanks

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    Lightbulb Far Cry 3

    Quote Originally Posted by UbiTimS View Post
    Hi all,

    I'm UbiTim, the Community Developer on Far Cry 3 at Ubisoft Montreal! We've got a lot more to show you between now and September. I hope you'e looking forward to it!

    In a couple of weeks we’ll be doing our first series of Q&A videos with the Far Cry community. Leave a question below and I’ll see what I can answer when we release the videos!

    i wanted to ask about the arrows that indicate where you are taking damage from. they seem to take alot of immersion from the game. i know the game is still under development and ive seen other complaints about the arrows. it does seem annoying and could effect some gameplay.

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    Hi Tim,

    as a pc player i only have 1 simple question

    Will far cry 3 on pc be a different development or will it be just a consoleport from the 360 version? And if it will be a port, will you add some pc extras to the game?

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