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    so glad to have you on teh forums ubitim.

    my question is: will we have a certain degree of choice in how jason turns out over the course of the game? can we choose to make him bonkers or keep him sane etc?

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    I just want my Map Editor!

    You'll have secure two purchased copies from me if it's there

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    Hello UBI Tim, glad to have a corporate dev on board now.

    Q: Is it too late to put alternate endings into the story, where certain trigger points (acheivement, or how you played what - when) in a part of game sends you on to one of 1 or 2 possible endings? ( great for replay, as the player would never know at what point triggered what).

    Q2: Can we turn off HUD features or arcade indicators so that we can immerse better?


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    Thank you for introducing yourself, and for the offer to possibly answer some community questions.

    Jamie Keen confirmed the existence of Red Dead-style, procedurally-generated side missions in Far Cry 3. (In this article)
    And Dan Hay said we want players to experience: exploration and discovery but also said, it's open world and it's Far Cry.
    So this has me thinking that the Island is Open World but has areas where Missions can be started - once a mission begins we are contained in a set area during it's duration and have multiple ways to complete the mission.

    By entering a mission we can Rank Up with XP or find Items that might be scattered around, Here is the Question.

    Missions and Replay Value, can we enter a mission again after it has already been completed - is there Fast Travel between Unlocked Missions and is there a Timer and Stats which can be viewed for Fastest Time Completed ? (basically can you elaborate more on the Missions and how it all works)

    Medusa Mission Above.

    I have to ask this also - Can we use a Knife in the water and Defend Ourselves?
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    Welcome Tim,

    Sorry for any doubts guys, Tim snuck onto the forum on my day off, he now has the correct user title - just in case anyone was confused

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    Quote Originally Posted by DapperHayden View Post

    Does that help you flash? note:- i will remove image once flash has seen and replied
    Cheers mate I was just unsure if someone was pretending to be a Ubisoft worker, I mean, I could just create a new account with the username of 'UbiJon' couldn't I...

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    Quote Originally Posted by DapperHayden View Post
    ha ha

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    Assuming that there is going to be a multiplayer and map editor portion to FC3, how will the experience playing with these tools differ from previous installments in the FC series?

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    Hi I was just wondering if you will need any beta testers for when you get the development stage finished?

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    I have one question, I heard there will be Animals that are now aggressive! Can you tell us how many species of animals will be in the game? Thanks

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