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    So about this DRIVER movie...

    Sorry if anyone has already seen the script- I only found out about this just today.____________________________________________ __ __________________________________________________ __________________________________________________ _________ ______What do you all think when you imagine a movie based on the Driver series? Of course! Velodromes, the Iraq war, Hawaiian shirted criminals and Humvees driving over IEDs, right? Below is a link to what may or may not have been the script for the planned Driver movie. To say it's a bit.... different is an understatement. Not only does it seem nothing at all like any of the games, it looks like some sort of politcal stance on the war on terror is meant to be shoehorned in there. In a story for Driver!___________________________________________ ____________ _______________________________________________Wha t the hell?_____________________________________________ _____
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    I used to want a Driver movie, but a while back I changed my mind. I hope it never happens. Stick to videogames.

    I haven't read the script, but the plot sounds terrible, exactly why they shouldn't make a movie. It'll end up being more Fast n Furious then Driver

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    If driver made a movie they would focus on cars, stunts, chases and probably making alot of the scenes with fast past driving

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    If its like fast five then make it... if not keep it as a video game

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    You guys do realise that the link to the script was posted there, right? So you can actually see what it's like.

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    Yea I saw the link but I haven't read it yet. I don't have time right now, and by the time I get back home I've forgotten about it

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