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    Far Cry Three Fast Travel

    Should Far Cry 3 have a more convient way to fast travel?

    Should it even have fast travel?

    Would the fast Travel be better if it was like Red Dead Redemption style or should it be like Skyrim style?

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    I think we should stick to exploring by foot, as now I reckon Ubisoft will have included much more to do and less 'dead' spaces.

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    its already been confirmed that a fast travel system is being implemented. what style is still unknown.

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    Will u guys use fast travel or will u just explore the island on foot.

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    After the E3 Demo they made a big reference to Red Dead Redemption, and they have also confirmed that the safe houses are back (and even better) now how about something like this in the way which fast travel works.

    My opinion is that the whole / majority of the Island will be open to explore and that some areas will have missions, As an example the mission on the E3 demo was to get to the helicopter and escape and although there were several ways to do the mission it still had an end result of reaching that Helicopter and flying out which in a way is pretty linear because to clear that mission that must be done (me guessing)

    Now once a mission is complete does this mean we can then fast travel to unlocked missions via an in game menu - The reason to complete missions again would be maybe to beat a time limit or to gain more XP or to find collectibles - that kind of thing.

    Then there is the safe houses, can we Fast Travel from one safe house to another and to Unlocked Missions which could be dotted all over the Island?
    It has already been mentioned about the Tattoo and somewhere in an interview they said that you can hunt so it could be possible that the side missions are maybe enabled for fast travel once completed - That part of the game with these side missions seems scripted and more arcade based but I think the actual Island will be like FC2 Free Roam.

    That is what I am thinking.
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