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    Nvidia New Driver

    New drivers available!
    You can download the latest drivers for your operating system from
    GeForce (295.73 WHQL) - Windows Vista & Win 7

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    Don't think it would make much of an improvement in performance to be honest.
    Latest drivers usually only take effect on latest games. They don't improve performance and frame rate for old games like Far Cry 2.

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    I have not tried it yet, but Nvidia could 'just' have fixed the video crash bug in the previous update with FC2. anyway, its there - if you want it

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    Forget Nvidia. Especially if you have Win 7 32 bit. Thats mine and me and several thousand others are getting driver crashes with nVidia and they appear to be doing absolutely nothing about it. I had a GeForce 9400GT - crashes, so bought a GTS430 - crashed, so bought a GTX450 - crashes. Something in the driver does not like win 7 is my guess. Its not just FC2, I can be typing a letter and the screen will blank out for about 2 seconds, then flick back into life but with an error message stating that the driver had crashed, and recovered.

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    Is there any permanent solution of this problem?

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    apparently not Ubisoft nor Nvidia actually CARE!

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    I think the problem has to be something else. I have Nvidia GTX8800 in one machine and a GTX 680 in another
    I have never had problems, I do keep up to date with drivers, and with Nvidia its easy you just go to there site and
    the site will search your card and select the driver,
    Nvidia does care, as Nvidia is probably the only one that works with the Game programmers to optimize the
    game settings and drivers. You can really see this in Borderlands 2. In FarCry 2 I see a big difference between
    my game play and my friends game play with his ATI ( he has switched to GTX 660 ti ). The Nvidia is much sharper and clearer.
    I should say I guess it helps if you buy a card designed towards Gaming ie. GTX 660 ti, GTX 680 and others.

    I am running FarCry 2 on
    Computer 1...Win 7 pro x64. GTX 8800 with no problems at all.
    Computer 2...Win 8 Pro x64 GTX 680 Slight problem with shacking. Might try to change to Direct X9
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