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    Assassins Creed 2 CD-Key not working

    I bought AC2 from Steam about half a year ago. I created an ubisoft account to play the game and activated the game using the CD-Key Steam provided. It worked fine and I played. Then I got bored and uninstalled the game.

    Now I've downloaded it again from Steam and when Im trying to log in, the game asks for a CD-Key for the same account. I gave it the key that Steam gave me.
    ''Key is already used.'' What the ****?

    What should I do to make it work? Or should I just pirate the game I paid for?

    Also, the game launcher BANNED me for logging in for entering my VALID CD-Key too many times. How long does it take so Im able to log back in?
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    tengo problemas con la cable de mi cd original. actualizo un parche y ahora no me deja jugar mas no me toma en numero de serie
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