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    Fake map size

    This morning, I was thinking is size of FC2 map really 50 squared kilometers as they said. I was driving 2 times across the map. First I traveled from Sepoko (south district - west side of the map) to gun shop or right side of the map. Then I traveled from the beginning of middle area (betwen 2 districts) to the end of the map (bus station near weelegol village) and both times I read in statistics and I traveled only 6 km. Which means that map is 6*6*6*6 km and that's still not 50 squared km.
    For those of you who can't renember the map, here is the link:

    Or if both districts are 2 squares, 2* (6+6+6+6 km) dimension and middle area could be 2 km.
    Which means that we can't move 50 squared km. That's both districts 48 + middle area 2 = 50 square km.
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