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    Fake map size

    This morning, I was thinking is size of FC2 map really 50 squared kilometers as they said. I was driving 2 times across the map. First I traveled from Sepoko (south district - west side of the map) to gun shop or right side of the map. Then I traveled from the beginning of middle area (betwen 2 districts) to the end of the map (bus station near weelegol village) and both times I read in statistics and I traveled only 6 km. Which means that map is 6*6*6*6 km and that's still not 50 squared km.
    For those of you who can't renember the map, here is the link:

    Or if both districts are 2 squares, 2* (6+6+6+6 km) dimension and middle area could be 2 km.
    Which means that we can't move 50 squared km. That's both districts 48 + middle area 2 = 50 square km.
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    there are two islands , thats just one island maybe !?!

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    25km squared would measure 5km from east to west and 5 km north to south. Isnt the play area 50 km squared in total?

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    Anybody thought that the maps are going to be smaller because there won't be any vechiles and nobody wants to run long distance to get shot as soon as he gets near the action.

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