Please look below for information on how to properly Report a post.

Reporting inappropriate content on the Public Forums & Private Topic

The Ubisoft forums are monitored by a team of Forum managers & voluntary moderators who work hard to keep the forums a friendly family rated environment for all members to enjoy. However on occasion we may miss content which requires action.

As a member of the forums you are able to alert us of any content you feel needs our attention.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Content posted in private message is subject to the forum rules just as any post on the public forum. However the private nature of the discussion prevents managers and moderators from taking action unless the content is reported. We strongly encourage anyone receiving offensive or rule breaching content in Private Message to report the content.

Repeatedly reporting posts that are not in violation of anything, just because you don't agree with the member will also result in action taken against you.

What is inappropriate content?

Content we consider inappropriate and in need of action includes (but not limited to)....
  • Advertising posts
  • Abusive posts
  • Posts seeking to garnish private information from other members
  • Any post in breach of the Forum Rules.

How do I file a report?

When viewing a post or private message if you find it breaches the rules above please do the following.
  • Link to the direct Post, not the whole thread.
  • Also include the text of the offender, in your reason for complaint. (sometimes its already been edited by the offender) a link to a screen shot would clarify, but if its edited already, it will only give us a basis to look at and watch for.

We're getting these Email complaints without clear direction to the offense. So then we are required to read an entire thread 1 - 14+ pages to find the complaint.

Most threads can get pretty mundane to me, (depending on the forum) looking for something that must of offended you, but yet it doesn't always stick out to me.

Do it like this example Below Please.

So we will get an Email Like this. With a link right to the post, no matter its location in the thread, be it 1 page or more.

Thanks for your help!

Special thanks to T_O_A_D for originally putting the information above together.