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    *laughs at the stupidity of this guy*

    How about you look at this, since you like Wikipedia so much.
    Scroll down a bit, see there?

    Jordan Mechner
    , who was the creator of the original Prince of Persia and worked on The Sands of Time but not Warrior Within, however, commented in Wired Magazine that "I'm not a fan of the artistic direction, or the violence that earned it an M rating. The story, character, dialog, voice acting, and visual style were not to my taste."

    Oh snap!
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    I've been ignoring this thread but I showed up for a laugh.
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    Originally Posted by persiateddy95 Go to original post
    I've been ignoring this thread but I showed up for a laugh.
    Yeah, I might have said something earlier had I not been away at school. Now it seems pointless though since we've somehow gotten hung up on who the author was.

    Also, I think his use of the term "disease" is just a minor error in word use. It looks like he's saying the Dahaka was an "inner demon". And the word "monopolyses" is the word MONOPOLIZES, meaning that the Dark Prince is "taking over" the Prince and monopolizing his consciousness, though that would imply that he takes over completely, which isn't what happens.

    All right, I'll say it anyway. I think the biggest issue I have with the theory is the question of exactly what WAS happening in the real world? How much of the story is supposedly fake here? For example, in the situation where the Prince is cornered by the Dahaka, what's really happening with him? Is he just raving around Babylon? Is he actually home in bed? Is he supposed ot be living his life like normal and this is just a wierd representation of his inner troubles?

    This probably won't help things out much, but like Teddy said, it's something to read anyway.
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