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    Offline Conflux again???

    Is it me only or Conflux is off for one more time?

    EDIT - 14/2 offline
    16/2 offline
    18/2 offline
    21/2 offline
    22/2 offline (maintenance)
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    Quote Originally Posted by lomvartus View Post
    Is it me only or Conflux is off for one more time?
    It's not you. Conflux is off again .

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    Junior Member kellian1's Avatar
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    Down for me as well, "connection failed - unspecified network error". Was able to connect early this morning and now can't connect at all. Tried to flush DNS same issue, thinking it's on their end.

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    It's offline for me as well. Very frustrating when I only have a limited time frame to play games.

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    Hi !

    Same here. Can't say I'm suprised. Quite frankly I close my eyes and wish the log-in is succesfull everytime I play. Anyway, no help to whine, I'm beyond that.

    Anyone has any idea about this issue and how long it takes that the service is up-and-running again ?

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    Internal Error in Conflux

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    Don't know. I posted a support ticket. Hope they respond soon.

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    Thumbs up unspecified network error 0x800a0008

    Does anyone in Romania manage to connect?
    First I thought it was my local problem...

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    I regret, that I bought this game. I would rather play the cracked one. 9000 HUF went out o f the window. I cant play, because this stupid online ****

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    unspecified network error 0x800a0008 same error in Czech Republic ... if this great stability is result of their moving servers, then they made really "good" job...


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