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Maybe I'm in a minority here, but to me revelations was **** awesome. In every way it was an improvement over Brotherhood, the combat felt tougher (though no as tough as AC2) with the Janesseries (loved to fight em!). The city has been improved, graphics has been improved. The assassin recruitment and training system has been improved, the Mediterranean defense minigame has been tweaked.. Maybe because i didn't go into this game expecting something brand new and groundbreaking, just a great AC saga.. is why i could enjoy it so much. My only complain is why didn't they include a sizable amount of side missions? They had supposedly 8 studios working on it... Had they done that ACR would have been the best AC for me.

Yes.I once thought that a few side missions and no Repressed Memories would be bad.But now play most of the game and I see how it changed a lot.The secret locations were awesome.Especially the Galata Tower.The Books was good enough to make see a wonderful view and The Master Assassin missions were amazing.It`s right they`re few,but they`re very wll made.