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    Chronicles of Tandria: Escape from North too hard!

    Hi! I'm stuck at Escape from north mission. How to get started? My problem is I cannot invade new lands with only musketeers so I'm stuck having only 2 camps. I escaped the prison and defeated the eastern and western prison guards and got some of the trade routes I thought I needed. Western guards I bribed. As soon as I get out, the green attacks the neutral camps outside before I can even proselytize them. My army is not big enough although I made the quest to treasure cave and got gold and jewelry. If I am quicker and attack them first with my troops not waiting to proselytize them, I cannot hold the camps, because Green has horses and cannons and trains them fast. Stronghold option is greyed out in the game.

    I tried to research technologies fast to help in my mission, but maybe I don't have time for them. Opponent doesn't seem to hurry researching them. I soon run out of grain, and wool, so I tried to trade them, but it's too slow. I also trade iron. The time I have big army the green already has 35+35 and stone walls. And still I have only musketeers and some gold. I try to get gold from trading jackets, but it's slow because I have no wool, and have to buy it. I also trade water and some jewelry for gold. Second time I tried to be faster at the beginning and managed to build 3 camps, got some wool production going, and iron. Even with fortified stone walls, green managed to invade my camp with 22 soldiers, I had almost the same amount, but only musketeers. It is so frustrating to play 2 hours each game, and fail.

    Could someone expert help me?

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    Again I'm answering my own question. Perhaps I was too tired when I first tried out, but I could see now I could still grow wool, and grain on my basic camp, which looked completely barren. That made things so much easier not having to trade wool and grain. I also fought hard to get the stone and iron trade routes, and also the routes, which made lots of money.

    Scenario is still very hard. I had 5x35 musketeer/pikeman armies finally get out of the prison camp.

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    I was thinking to help but hadn't gotten around to replaying the map yet. Anyway, it sounded like you were on the right track.

    You can tell if the ground is fertile or not by clicking on a piece of open ground. There is a small icon in the top right corner of the box that opens. Sometimes the ground is more fertile than indicated; you just have to test on some maps. Also clearing away trees sometimes exposes fertile ground.

    On this map, ballistics technology is definitely worth researching, imho anyway.

    I make up little exercises to improve my play. Here's one you might try:
    Hire another General (I hired Bertram-Siegfried won't help at this point, I don't think) with enhanced abilities right at the beginning plus all the muskets you can afford (trade beer to get an extra coin - but DON'T FORGET to TURN IT OFF). Wait till the last moment to retreat your standard General to gain time - after he gets off his horse, but before he waves his sword. Watch him - you have to retreat him twice. Transfer all your soldiers to your new General. You have to do all this really quick so it may take a few tries. Now you should have enough of an army left to free the port. Just wait till they recuperate before attacking.

    Maybe I'm saying too much - It's fun to figure it out yourself, isn't it?

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    I found the most useful technique to myself to complete the first quest as soon as possible, (to have cloth, jewelry and coin production). To do that, I built as soon as possible Iron smelter and coal burner so the iron won't run out and I can upgrade the export office. Start is the hardest.

    I used quest award to train more troops. I only needed a little more troops than the eastern guard, because the walls didn't seem to work, I only had to fight the guards. Then I opened trade routes like crazy (iron and stone first), didn't expand territory at all and researched all technologies. I traded to increase coins until I had 4x35 armies. This technique requires patience and a lot of time.

    Then I bribed the western guards, not sooner, because soon as I do that, the green expands to the border to the minerich areas and claims them to himself with stone walls and starts mining. When I had big armies, as soon as I bribed the guards, I proselytised the 2 more camps, moved my troops there quickly after that and built more musketeer/pikeman troops to the acquired fifth general. I had to fight 2 big green armies but no much losses at the time. The rest was easy. I didn't need much the stronghold in the end against the yellow, but it was useful.

    I don't know if there is any other strategy, but i found the most frustrating the green guy in the border.
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    It is a very hard level to complete I had to do it quite a few times before I sussed it out it is do-able you just need to plan carefully seem to remember fighting on two fronts. I cannot remember the whole scenario now but stick at it you will get there. Lets face it if everything was easy it wouldn`t be worth doing.

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    I have a faster solution.

    As long as you not bribe the guards you can get the three territories with monks.
    i had two armies with 35 soldiers ready and also all the military research done. (like fast march)
    at the 3 zones i already planned storehouse and fortifications
    As soon as i bribe the guards, i send the two armies at the top zone and the green armies is easily beaten.
    When the line off storehouse is created, you should be able to fortify the the top zone and then you you can easily finish the green armies

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