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Thread: The health system that should be used in SC6 | Forums

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    @Sameer: lol

    @Sage: I like the idea. Minor wounds can be treated/regen. Major wounds don't. You mentioned Metal Gear Snake Eater using menus-here's just a random thought. What about using like Kinect or Move to Re-Move (get it) the bullets or whatever. I'm still not sold on motion controls but that'd at least get away from the menu heavy stuff.

    I think another thing that may be important about this is that players don't feel a connection to a game. Everyone's is going to be like WTF, ___________ made me feel like I was there. Okay, fair enough, but oh let's see. Let's go w/ everyone's favorite: Splinter Cell. There are definate times where it's like, wow, I'm right behind this guy, or I'm really there. But as awesome of a character as Sam or whoever else is, if we keep just getting bombarded with regen health, we don't really care if (insert fav character) takes a few rounds. I think if there was something to really close off the immersion factor, that just above everything else made you feel like you were there, maybe players overall would play more cautiously. Look at the video I posted here.

    Basically they took BF3 and rigged it in this whole VR thing so that if your character got hit, you got shot with paintball guns just for an immersion factor. The guy was saying how he felt like he was there, that it really added to the experience more than anything else ever had. So, he tried not to get his character hit. Sure, we're still going to need some sort of health system but playing more cautiously and not Rambo, oh i'm hit, wait, wait........almost........okay......and......I'm better, is somewhat of a start.

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    I think the best would be for easy mode you regen health, for normal if your shot in a vital area you die otherwise you regen health, hard you get shot you die, realistic if your spotted mission over. I don't like the whole heath bar med kit thing as is detracts from immersion.

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    Yes you are right unless you regain health and you are healthy ,you wont be able to do anything. Be healthy Be happy.
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    I have CD KEY PROBLEM-game says it's has been already used ! Bought game on steam in may /2010 . PLEASE HELP!

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    I liked Convictions regenerative version. I can be lazy about looking for the location of medkits containing a redbull and an ace bandage. Even when you have made every effort to be stealthy, every once in a while you slip up and receive a hail of gunfire - I find that I get off task when I gotta try and remember where that medkit was located.

    Medkit system is really not that realistic. I failed to see how a redbull or an ace bandage managed to fix a bullet wound in a matter of seconds. Should just have a little ticket that says "walk it off" in the medkit.

    I also liked Conviction's 'healthbar" - the darker red your vision got, the more you needed to go and sit in the corner and kick back. No meter on the screen.

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    I have CD KEY PROBLEM-game says it's has been already used ! Bought game on steam in may /2010 . PLEASE HELP!
    Contact UBI support
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    I'd actually prefer no health regeneration and no med kits. You get hurt? You stay hurt. I feel that it should be possible to complete stealth games without taking damage. For Conviction it wouldn't work, but Chaos Theory for example is not hard to finish without taking damage.

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    I never understood the concept of either. If you get shot in the leg and you lose a lot of blood, just simply bandaging up yourself does not suddenly restore all the blood you lost, and even without blood loss muscle tissue takes longer then just a couple of seconds to heal. You people are complaining about realism and then suggest 'all better after a bandage or two' as the best system, I don't get it.

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