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    Cool farcry3 guns need to be accurated like mw3 especially sniper rifles.

    Sorry, i like farcry2 alot but you need to fix the aiming in farcry3, to be like mw3 .So it can work on online gameplay . So, please please fix the aiming issue .I have about 70 maps made and hate the weapons moving to other direction while you are trying to aim .Fix the isssue and youll sell more games than ever .Thank you god bless.
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    More like CoD??? wow... they will make it like battlefield if they have half a brain. In CoD, you point, and the bullet lands right in the middle of the crosshairs, yeah, good luck with that in real life... But in BF3, you must account for gravity, and bullet travel time, now if Far Cry can account wind into the picture, and even better, the coriolis effect (the spin of the earth, causing objects not anchored to the ground to spin westward relative to us) then they would absolutely blow my mind, and truly level the playing field. especially us above the level.
    agreed ,
    would hate to see it play more like cod . fc3 guns work fine as is , i like how the guns jump about when u fire them not totally realistic but still way better than cod .bf 3 is the way to for the snipers well would luv if the had better physics, like the flare gun, that has an arced shot so i dont know why they didnt do this for the snipers .

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    Did you really have to dig this up? :P

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