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    Question Enemy inside a boulder can't be killed - why?


    In my Far Cry 2 Fortunes edition:
    1. Not sure where it is but about 60% through the game, in 2nd part of the 9-grid map.
    2. I think the enemy was supposed to be on top of the rocks, more like a mini-cliff (large rock formation about 15-20' high, 50' across, comes out of the side of a hill.
    3. There is a a enemy there, but is inside3 the rock!
    4. While walking every inch of the thing, the top 1/3rd of his head will appear as he walks back and forth.
    5. He can shoot me, but I can't kill him.
    6. Tried grenades, fire, missiles, nothing fazes him.
    7. I think he was supposed to be on the top of the rock, not dancing around inside of it.

    Is there a trick to completing this area by offing the guy somehow?

    Thanks for any insight.

    Internaut -which they won't let us use here - but that's me, the first and only real Internaut - since 1987.

    Other UN-interesting stuff - I'm playing FC2 for about the 15th time - and still enjoy it. Was glad to see Fortunes come along to change things a bit.
    Would love to get FC 3, but seems every time a new game comes out, I need a new computer - but not this time. There are still loads of other games that will run on a dual core, 2.4Ghz, with 3 Gig ram and a 2 year old card. I believe that Ubi could still make money, if they re-did all of FC2 with new goals, different missions, people, and agenda using the same graphics without pulling an Atari and leave loyal customers behind.
    When I'm done FC2 Fortunes, I will probably play FC (1) again. But, that's me - yea Ubisoft!
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    You can kill him. It just takes patience. Wait until about 2/3s of his head is out of the rock and then nail him. Works for me!

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    First game of FC2 I played I ran into that creep and he kept hitting me with every shot he took, I wondered where the heck was he at? I just happened to be on the same rock as he but all I saw was a gun floating toward me. I shot at the gun and got the rascal. but never did see his body. After that I got wise to the location to be in for that particular guard post. There is a high spot south of the guard post area that you really have to hang on to the side of a hill ( couldn't do this in real life but sometimes glitches are good. ) and you can see his head looking over the knoll. Pow right in the kisser. That was over a hundred games ago and he's only hit me once, course I sometimes do not come near that guard post to complete the game.

    So now he is one of the easiest targets in FC2, well at least for me anyway.

    Hey,hey Fourty5-Seventy what's happeining?
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    SOLVED - Enemy inside a boulder can't be killed - why?

    Thanks to you both. I see what you mean - just got to use a little English on him - like in pool.

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