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    weather script read speed

    hi all
    wonder if you can hep me with a question .. when you add a weather script what controls the speed that the weather script is read ? ide like to make the changes in weather an light pass more slowly for realism in the script

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    Dead Island

    i dont know which game you're talking about, Call of juarez the cartel?

    Some modders are making mods with Dead island which have the same data and behaviour as Coj the cartel.

    So i suggest you to browse their forum and look in this thread first:

    VAC Ban Warning

    Then search for this thread:

    dynamic day and night.

    At this adress:
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    hi cr1m3
    thanks for the reply the dynamic night an day work on there is my work .i asked on the dead island forums did anyone have any idea no reply so i thought ide ask on here as your more experienced in working with the chrome engine.. an may have a idea what controls the actual reading of the script,, the time window in the real world for example it takes 45 min to go from 0.000 to 1.000 .i know its adjustable as the resort runs the same speed as the city the jungle 20 times faster an the new ryder dlc run in almost real time .i made a video on you tube to ask the question an speeded the video up to show the speed the script is moving
    any ideas what it may be would be gratefully appreciated

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    Hi, i discovered what seems to control the weather script, i mean what is saying to the game to load the dynamic weather script. If you search the word "weather" in any exp file, you can see that : So if you modify the script directory in the exp's text, you can set which dynamic weather script you want to load. And in the exp, there's also A daylength string above the weather script lines, maybe it is possible to modify the daylength value with an hexeditor?

    If you try to modify the default weather_none.scr
    import "weathers.scr"  sub main() {     use None( f_value = 0.0, s_name = "Start" );     use None( f_value = 1.0, s_name = "End" ); }
    import "weathers.scr"  sub main() {     use None( f_value = 0.0, s_name = "Start" );     use None( f_value = 0.5, s_name = "End" ); }
    , maybe this will set the daylength as a half day?

    Try to add all dynamic weather scripts in your mod folder = OUT folder.

    Dynamic weather scripts;

    from the "Disk:\.........dead island\DI\Data\Scripts" directory

    from the "Disk:\...........dead island\DI\Data\Maps\act2a" directory

    from the "Disk:\...............dead island\DI\Data\Maps\act4a" directory

    for modding the dynamic weather in all levels.

    Also try to put all exp's in similar directories but in the out folder then edit them to match with your scripts or edit them directly in the game data but don't go online
    with those files modified.

    This was only suggestions and ideas but i have'nt tested them yet...
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    hi thanks again i like your thinking .
    im just trying a few of your ideas
    i like to thank you for your time you have put in answering me
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    hi cr1m3
    thanks for the point in the right direction
    just letting you know i worked it out
    thanks for the help
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    My pleasure,
    cool that you still making good DI tweaks and mods.

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    yes still making mods for the game
    iv done a new cycle for the resort and slowed its cycle speed down and gave it its own weather script so its interdependent from the weather none script
    just doing a bit of tweaking on that . that be out soon

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