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    I have 2 bugs which makes the game unplayable for me : moving the mouse freezes the game and random crashes when i do something , never when i do nothing , ex: i changed a setting = crash., i open character screen = crash , i use ability in combat = crash so yeah its pretty unplayable on my pc and i cleaned my pc of errors and other games that did crash , worked fine heroes didnt change at all , and the game ran fine when i bought it besides the mouse issue

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    Quote Originally Posted by lomvartus View Post
    To my opinion i cant say MM6 is buggy game at the extend u mean it
    MM6 has some bugs and even after patch some were never fixed (officially).

    And BTW - MM6 is this one:


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    The game itself has few bugs. And 1-2 critical - at least for campaign progress.

    To my opinion i cant say MM6 is buggy game at the extend u mean it
    You must be kidding right?
    I remember one guy listing over 100 bugs on the forum after patch 1.2
    And I'm willing to bet that out not a single combat is played out with the correct calculations
    It's all fine and dandy to have one gazillion stats and abilities but if most of them aren't working correctly they become kinda pointless

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