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    Rearmed bug

    Sometimes when I get a huge lead in the game the opponents disappear from the map, I get no target and I end up just getting killed by invisible phantoms. Bit annoying.

    I would add the image I took of me dying with nothing around me, but these forums even though it's a mobile forum don't support the iPad addition of images :-/

    Niot that anyone is going to pay attention at all
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    I have the same bug :/
    And if I exit the party, I lost EXP :/
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    i just got the same bug as well!! :mad:

    it is really annoying!! please fix this.
    it ruined my playing mood
    i dont have the picture since i dont know how to take a screen-capture
    it happenned to me a few times already
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    Thank you for reporting this issue.
    Our Devs our currently looking into it.
    Stay tuned for our next update....
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