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    32bit to 64bit

    How can you play 32 Far Cry disc which is made for 32bitOS on a 64bit OS?

    Does anyone know how to play the 32bit Far Cry disc, on a 64bit system. Do I have to buy another disc?
    Many thanks if you can help me. I am having Far Cry withdrawal symptoms.
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    I recently installed farcry on my 64 bit windows 7, you have to copy de farcry cd to your hdd, after that u can run the installer from your hdd.
    there is a 64 bit patch, which you can download from ubisoft.
    Hopefully you get it to work.
    kind regards

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    I play on 360, not PC, but with other software, a 64 bit system will easily use 32 bit software, but a 32 bit system won't use 64 bit versions of software. Maybe you need to use the "compatability" switch to play it?

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    This forum is about FarCry 3!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Viragoxv535 View Post
    This forum is about FarCry 3!
    Yes it is, and he's posted his topic 3 times and CUZ will likely burn it, and him - so I figured I'd answer before he retreads.


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    Its not the OS thats 64bit, its the processor. And its not the bits that the issue, its the OS. Make a new partition on your hard drive and install XP, then run your FC from there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Martythemerc View Post
    Yes it is, and he's posted his topic 3 times and CuZ will likely burn it, and him - so I figured I'd answer before he retreads.

    We dont burn people Marty... not unless they have been really bad...

    The question is where to move this to??
    I am plumping for FC1 since that did have a x64 bit patch, which was notoriously difficult to get working with anything other than Win XP x64 Pro... which I did have back then!
    Anyway, I digress, moving to FC1, perhaps Coops is still hanging out there and can remember how to help this user.

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    It is not the processor it IS the OS.

    If you want to run Far Cry 64 bit

    You need a 64 bit OS like Win XP 64 bit or Vista 64 bit or Win7 64 bit
    If you have a dual core processor, you may also need the AMD dual core optimizer
    You also need the 64 bit patch from Ubisoft.

    Install Far Cry
    Add the 64 bit patch (the patch is labelled 1.32 but don't confuse it with the 32 bit 1.32 patch which lasted a day or two before being replaced with 1.33)

    64 bit Far Cry cannot be played online, it simply has enhanced textures and a couple exclusive single player maps. But I don't think the OP cares about any of this. He just wants to play 32 bit on a later OS.

    You cam play 32 bit Far Cry on a 64 bit operating system by installing it in the x86 folder and using compatibility mode for Win XP. You may also need the AMD Dual Core Optimizer.

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    64bit patch comes on the disc as i recall dvd £4.99 . the olderfirst release ones it didnt like the 4 cd version and the dvd that came at the same time,
    works fine on 64bit xp just 64bit patch dont patch it with 1.4 culmative
    think it still didnt work online tho with 32bit games
    apart from that you can always make as many folders on the desk top of 32 bit and 64 then choose which one you want to play,,so long as its a 64bit os your playing on
    as cliveys loader just did away with the old method of having many instances of said folders for diffrent patched games meaning those who played the standard 32bit didnt have to have 1.3/1.4 etc all in diffrent folders

    as for the enhanced things see clivey patch as it, added these and also hd configs.its a while since i had it installed but i do remember these being added to ordinary fc also non cheat was added to unoficial online so no one could cheat 1.6 patch see other fc forums about this

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    I was able to get it working on Win 7 64bit by installing it on a XP computer, and did not do any updating or patches. I then copied the entire Crytek folder to a flash drive, then copied that file into my c:Programs Files (x86) on the Win 7 machine. I then downloaded the AMD 64bit upgrade and the 64bit Exclusive Content upgrade files. Run the AMD64bit upgrade 1st, and then the 64bit Exclusive Content upgrade. I did not run any other patches, just those 2. The patches overwrite the files, and updates the registry. You will not need a disk in the cdrom after this either (I don't). You'll have a 64bit icon on your desktop, use that to run the game. After that, I set the compatibility for Vista and Run As Administrator. I have not tried to play it online, but I have read of issues.

    Also, I went into the bin32 folder in the FAR CRY directory, and set up my video and other things by using the FarCryConfigurator.exe ..

    That's how I did it, and it worked for me. Good luck
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