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    Crash on start. HELP

    How do i fix conviction's crash on start? I have reinstalled, updated drivers, rolled back drivers, everything. I click play, it pops up a black screen, fullscreen like it will play, then seconds later closes and goes back to launcher. It says time played this session: 0:00:04.

    My PC setups is as follows:
    8gb RAM
    intel i5 2400 quad @ 3ghz
    ATI Radeon HD 5850
    1TB HDD
    Win 7 64bit

    Sucks to buy a game and it not work at all :/ Any help will be much appreciated. Thanks!
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    Yea ive seen that many times. The link is broken, and my card is a supported card. As stated i have updated my drivers, and also rolled them back. I am up to date on direct X. If you can direct me to a link that actually contains a hotfix, that would be appreciated. But that link does nothing but take me to AMD's site.
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    No dice. Patched, restarted my PC, attempted to run game, problem presists. Thanks for trying
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