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    ubisoft game lancher error code 2

    a have a copy of h.a.w.x. 2 pc, got it from
    i install the game and when i press the shortcut to play the game trys to download new update but stops there.i left it about 1 hour to do this but never starts
    anyone can help? i wanna play this a.s.a.p.!!!

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    H there please download the Ubisoft game launcher

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ubi-Mush View Post
    H there please download the Ubisoft game launcher
    I bought the game yesterday. But I got the same error of "ubisoft launcher,error 2". I have downloaded the launcher from the link you have provided. But the problem is when the game is being installed it installs the launcher itself and when the try to run the downloaded launcher it says 'already a newer version of launcher exists' and it goes away
    I really could use some help from you....

    Evan Roy

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    DO NOT, i repeat DO NOT delete the ubisoft laucher and reinstall it!!! It comes with the loss of your data. If you just started playing the game it is ok, just uninstall ubisoft game laucher , but I lost ONE *swear word removed*' year of play because of theese idiots unable to fix their *swear word removed*' problem they caused. I bought only the heroes from ubisoft, but it was the worst buy of my life. Not because of the game (it is truly amazing) but because the *swear word removed*' ubisoft who are **** too busy for giving any support for their buyers.
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    hey, this link doesnt direct???
    i also agree that i will be avoiding ubisoft games from here on in

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